Pack of 5 Witco Inspired Stickers


Pack of 5 stickers inspired by the Witco carvings from the 60s and based on my original tattoo flash paintings.

Size :
• Map : 11x6,7 cm (approx. 4.1/3x2.2/3 in.)
• Aloha : 10,5x6,2 cm (approx. 4.1/8x2.4/9 in.)
• Oiseaux : 10,3x6,8 cm (approx. 4x2.2/3 in.)
• Chat : 7,7x8,7 cm (approx. 3x3.2/5 in.)
• Tiki : 8,6x8,1 cm (approx. 3.2/5x3.1/5 in.)

+ 1 free Subtitle Artwork sticker

Each sticker is professionally printed on high quality weatherproof white vinyl with a glossy finish.


** Please be aware that due to the Covid-19 crisis, shipping of new orders may take longer than usual to arrive. Thank you for your understanding**

All designed, signed and packaged handmade by me.
Colours on the prints may differ slightly from the computer screen.

© Xavier Lebuy / Subtitle Artwork. All rights reserved.