Rum Crate Bangle



This listing is for a Rum crate bangle with an "under the sea" look with barnacles and one starfish.
The bangle had been hand-sculpted by me then molded in resin and painted with acrylic paint.
The bangle measures 3cm x 8,5cm.
Inner diameter measures 7,2cm (approx. 2 5/6 inches) and the inner circumference is 22,9cm (approx. 9 inches)

Please choose the color of the starfish, it can be Orange or Blue! :)


** Please be aware that due to the Covid-19 crisis, shipping of new orders may take longer than usual to arrive. Thank you for your understanding**

Totally Hand-Made!
From the design to the sculpting, from the molding to the pouring of resin, from the painting to the glueing of the pin, from the packaging to the labelling, everything is made by hand by me !

Colours may differ slightly from the photographs.

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